Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.40.46 AMIt’s hard not to love her. And it’s even harder not to appreciate her work. Even though her portfolio might be filled with dark, engaging and heavy components of emotion, you won’t necessarily feel those same characteristics when you meet her. Just as we discussed in her podcast interview, she aims to create magical and engaging new worlds other than her own by using the medium of fine art photography. Meet Brooke Shaden, a creator of worlds, a brilliant conceptualist and an extraordinary human being.

In the latest podcast interview, Brooke and I discuss her gear, her art, her advice on getting work seen as well as her post processing approach. And one of my favorite points, is her advice on standing out and staying true to your inner artist.

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Being just 26 and already creating a splash of originality in the industry, her career was based off of the production simplicity of self-portraits. After graduating in film and English at Temple University, her need to express herself through photography was born. Her self-portraits were conducted, as she explains, for ease and to have full control over the images. And by using the artistic elements of Photoshop, she then became a self-portrait artist. Although, her photos are not autobiographical in nature, instead, she attempts to place herself within dream-like worlds she wishes she could live in.

By using illustrative and painterly techniques, Brooke explains that she pushes the envelope where secrets float out in the open and where the impossible becomes the possible. By utilizing composite techniques, Brooke is able to create illusions in the square format of her photographs. These illusions become possible by her composites and by layering multiple frames for each scene. It may seem simple, but after watching the following video where Brooke shows her processing and composite techniques, you might have a deeper appreciation.


Her openness to educate and artistic surety at such a youthful state is an inspiration to many, including myself. For more daily inspiration, follow Brooke on and see more of her portfolio here.