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How to prepare a large multi-panel print

Looking to create a huge wall-art impression? Here’s a simple five-step guide to help you prepare a large multi-panel print! 1. Target your client’s needs A large multi-panel print requires

Creative composites with Joel Grimes

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make exquisite photographs, transforming any boring photo into something spectacular? On Monday, September 16, 2019, join Canon Explorer of Light and photography

You photographed fireworks – now what?

We all love to get out to try and capture the spectacle of fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. Sometimes we do better than others. And, sometimes we’ve done

Photoshop’s New Subject Select Tool…WOW!

Adobe’s added a new “Select Subject” feature to their newest Photoshop release. They claim the machine learning feature will make basic and time-consuming masking quicker and more accurate than ever before. We’ve heard this before, but this time they hit a home run!

Lisa Robinson's weekly History of Photography Column

History of Photography: Henry Peach Robinson

Last time, we talked about how Rejlander pushed the envelope with the conventional view of photography as art (thus far). There was another, slightly younger, contemporary of Rejlander’s named Henry

Stories From The Set: Joel Grimes

Vanelli travels across the country, talking to some of the top photographers in the field as they share their experiences while shooting on set. You’ll soon learn that even seasoned

Photographer of the Day – Regina Pagles

Photographer: Regina Pagles – Captain Spaghetti Head Hi everyone! Kristina Sherk here – I am excited to present today’s portrait photographer of the day, the very talented Regina Pagles! This

lovesome photography

You Don’t Have To

“When clients demand something, it’s mediocre at best. You don’t have to shoot it the way they want you to shoot it.” Ewan and Brianna Phelan (out of this world

Offbeat with Joel Robison

It’s not every day that a person’s work transports one to another time or place. Rarer still is the photo that makes one feel like they are peeking in on another, magical world; so it is with the photography of Joel Robison.

Copyright 2015 Joels Grimes

Offbeat with Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes’ work is instantly recognizable. From powerful, dynamic posing, to a rich, yet desaturated, HDR look, to masterful compositing which is both surreal and firmly grounded in reality, his photography is iconic. His work has such intensity that, when I met Joel a few years back, expected him to be equally intense and, perhaps, aloof. Instead, Joel is easy-going, approachable and generous with his time and knowledge.

Photo of the Day: Christmas Family Photo

Category: Family Photograph: Christmas Family Photo– Jeremy W Cox Setup: Composite shot with individual shots of figurines, head shots and background. Key light above subject slightly to the right (variable

Photo of the Day: Laundry

Category: Creative. Photograph: Laundry by Richard Johnson Originally shared on the Photofocus Google Plus community right here. To learn how your work can be featured on the site, please read

Joel Grimes – The Story Behind the Photo

Join Photofocus’ Melissa Niu and commercial photographer Joel Grimes as they explore the story behind one of Joel’s favorite photo composites with soccer player, Bailey.

Precise Selection with Focus Area

There are many ways to extract an image using Photoshop. The key is to know which tool to use and when. For this example, we will use the Focus Area select tool.

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