On Thursday, Wacom introduced its latest product offering — the Intuos Pro Small. Following the lead of its medium and large sized cousins, the Intuos Pro Small comes with feature sets ideal for photographers and other creative professionals.

The Intuos Pro Small comes with the Wacom Pro Pen 2, which has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt response for precision and accuracy.

But what will appeal to many creatives is the Intuos Pro Small’s portability. Because of its smaller footprint, wireless connectivity and battery-free pen, photographers can setup at coffee shops, meeting rooms or take it traveling with them without the hassle of packing a larger tablet.

The tablet features a TouchRing and six customizable ExpressKeys, compared to eight offered on the medium and large versions. It’s also compatible with the Pro Pen 3D, used to create common 3D tasks in CAD applications, as well as the Pro Pen Slim.

The Intuos Pro Small retails for $249.95 and is available today. To learn more about how you can incorporate the Intuos Pro tablets into your workflow, check out our review of the Intuos Pro medium.