(Editor’s Note: We welcome this guest post from Zach Schiffman. Zach is the owner of Studio Z Photo Booths in New York City. Studio Z provides custom activations ranging from photo and GIF booths, to 360 video booths, camera arrays, overhead cameras and anything else the mind can imagine.)

When wedding planners and industry experts were preparing for 2020, I’m sure many of them did not expect micro weddings to be a key trend. However, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, micro weddings have become a necessity.

For those who want to get wed in the foreseeable future, large and extravagant weddings are simply not possible. Government restrictions and health and safety regulations have meant that micro weddings are a reality for the modern bride and groom.

While this can be a bit disappointing, it does not mean you can’t have a big vision for your small-scale wedding. There are plenty of unique and exciting trends that you can incorporate into your micro wedding, including some suggestions that will enable you to virtually involve guests that are no longer able to be there in person.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top micro wedding trends in further detail.

Virtual photo booths & on-site printing

There is only one place to begin, and this is with virtual photo booths. There is no denying that photo booths have been a major wedding trend for quite some time now, as they bring a lot of fun to weddings while enabling you to capture special moments.

However, in these unusual times, the traditional photo booth has been given a virtual upgrade. A virtual photo booth, such as the ones offered by Studio Z Photo Booths, will enable you to involve guests who cannot be there in person.

Anyone who is not able to attend your wedding in person will be able to access the photo booth via a simple link. They can use this on any internet-connected device, like a computer, tablet or smartphone. They can then choose a template or overlay, as well as how many photos they want to take.

As the host of the wedding event, and consequently the virtual photo booth, you have the power to customize what your guests are going to see and the experience they have. This is a great way to put your own stamp on things.

For the guests on site, this is a perfect opportunity to pair a virtual offering with a physical take-away. Utilizing the power of DNP’s QW410 Dye Sublimation Printer as well as their Wireless Connect Module, the virtual booth can automatically send still photos to print in real time and allow guests the option to wireless send photos from their mobile devices at the wedding for instant printing for the bride and groom.

Just because the full blown wedding and photo booth experience may not exist in a micro wedding format, that doesn’t mean guests still cant experience everything that makes it so great.

In a day and age whereby it’s likely that some of your loved ones will miss out on your wedding, whether this is because of government capacity restrictions or because they are social distancing themselves — a virtual photo booth can make sure that everyone is connected and no one misses out on your special day.

Interactive cuisine

Smaller weddings give you the ability to play around with different cuisine and to experiment more with the food that you serve. After all, when you have a lower number of people to cater to, you’re probably going to have fewer fussy eaters to deal with. So, one way that a micro wedding can really be an advantage is in terms of the food on offer.

An interactive culinary experience is definitely one to consider if you want to add a touch of culinary elegance and flair to your wedding.

There are many different ways that you can go about this. We have seen savory and sweet doughnut walls become very popular over the past few years. Other ways to incorporate some fun into your wedding menu is by adding a cotton candy stand, ice cream truck or a sushi conveyor belt. The options are endless, and they make for some great photo opportunities!

This is the sort of thing that is going to get your guests talking for all of the right reasons.

Lots of personal touches

A micro wedding has the benefit of being a lot more intimate and personal. When you are catering to a smaller number of people, you have more opportunities to spend time with them and interact with them.

You are also going to be able to add more thoughtful touches to your wedding day, for example, you could share a video with your guests or you could choose more personal wedding favors. Your wedding can take people on a journey of your relationship, with little surprises along the way.

It is much easier to do something like this when dealing with a smaller number of people, as it is easier to organize and it does not cost as much either. Plus, you have more time. This is because a lot of time is spent organizing people when there are such big numbers!

Personal touches can help you capture photographs that are unique to the bride and groom, making something much more memorable on their special day.

Ambient lighting

Another trend that is taking the world of micro weddings by storm is ambient lighting. Micro wedding venues can be difficult in terms of lighting. This is especially the case if you are having an outdoor wedding, which is becoming more popular due to COVID-19, or if you have chosen a venue that does not have a lot of natural light.

Because of this, wedding planners are being more creative with their lighting options. This includes traditional LED candles, fairy lights, chandeliers and much more!

For photographers, ambient lighting can turn a wedding venue into something truly special, letting you capture photos of the bride and groom that would not have been possible otherwise.

The sky is the limit, and dimming lights provide the easiest and quickest way for you to add a touch of romance to your micro wedding.

Virtual attendees

We are also seeing virtual wedding attendees in the current COVID-19 age. Thanks to apps such as Zoom, family members and friends can be a part of the celebration even if they are not able to attend in person.

With the likes of Zoom and virtual photo booths, you really can create an immersive wedding experience that keeps your loved ones involved despite the restrictions that are in place at the moment. While we cannot have big lavish celebrations, these virtual solutions are as close as we can get and they really do bring a big party feel to an intimate wedding.

Final words

So there you have it: An insight into this year’s top micro wedding trends. While COVID-19 may have scuppered your wedding plans, you don’t need to let the virus ruin your special day. Micro weddings are going to be the norm for now, but while they are small in size, this does not mean they need to be small in terms of fun and sentiment.