Editor’s Note: Perfectly Clear is offering Photofocus readers a special $99 bundle, including Perfectly Clear Complete and SharkPixel presets. A $163 value!

In this video article, I’m going to show you how I use Perfectly Clear to enhance my DJI drone DNG RAW Photographs. Since Perfectly Clear doesn’t yet directly support DJI DNG RAW files, you can import them into Lightroom, Capture One Pro or Photoshop and then open Perfectly Clear from there. See the links below for the best way to import them and then open Perfectly Clear.

  • Using Lightroom with Perfectly Clear here.
  • Using Photoshop with Perfectly Clear here.
  • Using Capture One Pro with Perfectly Clear here.

Watch the video

One more thing

I also wanted to point out the Finishing Tools panel. While I didn’t use it on this photograph, it is a great panel to have included in Perfectly Clear so you can add that finishing touch right inside Perfectly Clear.


Perfectly Clear Complete is an amazing tool. For me, the key to learning to use it well is to explore it. Try the presets and then change them. Start with just Perfect Exposure and explore the other sections. The other thing to explore is when you make changes to one section, like Tone, then you may want to explore changing Color or the Graduated Filter if you have those active. Moving back and forth between sections and fine tuning can often help you create the look you want.

I hope you enjoyed this video article and found it helpful!

Fly safe and have fun!