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See Eye to Eye

When it comes to photographing people, I almost always try to see-eye-to eye shooting at the subject’s eye level. At that level, the viewer of the photograph connects with the subject and the image looks less like a snapshot and more like a photograph.

Compare these two pictures of Cuban musicians. One, taken while I was standing straight up, looks like a snapshot. The other, taken while I was kneeling, is a much-improved shot.

Of course, I do break that rule, as illustrated by the picture of the woman performer, who I also photographed in Cuba. She was actually on stilts when I took the shot. In that case, not seeing eye-to-eye was the best approach.

P.S. Both pictures were taken in the shade – where the light is soft and flattering. The musicians were playing in the shade. However, I asked the woman to move into the shade – my favorite place to photograph people.