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Guest Post by Sue Brice

I have developed my own Niche over the years and have a fashion style of contemporary portrait that I call PORTRAIT COUTURE. For me simplicity is paramount, for 20 years I have been a “natural light” shooter. I’m a one camera and one lens kind of girl too.

That camera is a Canon 1D mark iv and the lens is the 24 105mm. The best advice I was ever given was to invest in glass, so even as I was growing as a photographer and slowly upgrading my camera the lens was the first piece of equipment I spent money on.

Now after 20 years I have discovered some pearls of my own which I can dispense from my rocking chair of wisdom. Evolve. and don’t be afraid to. I started my photographic career in the dark ages medium format film and dye blending with a paintbrush. I was the owner of a portrait studio through some of the biggest industry changes, e.g. Film to Digital and Retouching to Photoshop but through all of this technological advancement the most successful photographers were the ones that found their Niche and developed their Brand and Style within that.

If you know who you are and what you do, BRAND/STYLE, and you can communicate that effectively to your target market, then you have created a sustainable income. If you add desirability and innovation to your product and throw in excellent service then you have created a successful business. I have perfected the art of posing for many years but I am always trying to innovate and stay a leader in my field, I believe postproduction via Photoshop is to me one of the most exciting & incredible advancements of modern photography. I endorse all things Photoshop.

One of the things I’ve embraced is the application of Actions on to my images. Actions enhance & stylize my work. I want them to have ME stamped on them and make them different & interesting and above all more than the everyday photograph. I create my own recipes and move with the trends. This image was taken in a hotel room in Las Vegas of the very stunning Tamara Lackey, Photographer. We shot this sitting on the floor of a dark Signature Suite hotel (green-tinted windows) at hard afternoon light 4pm, with no reflector. We used a bed sheet. This action is one of my all time faves and is a saving grace to a green casting on skin tone and an ugly beige couch, which was taking away from a beautiful subject.

So, to correct images, stamp a little something of your own, or to just speed up post production. Have a look at the many wonderful Actions that are currently out there and get busy making your own.