How to censor your photos for social media, non-destructively in Photoshop

On many social media sites, for various reasons, we are seeing a high degree of censorship and banning for anything consider “Mature”. Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, for those of us producing fine art nude or boudoir photography it’s becoming increasingly difficult to share our uncensored work over the internet. Here is a quick tip on how to create a frosted glass effect that nondestructively blurs only the parts of your image you choose, to satisfy the interweb censors and people parts police.


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How to Add Snow to a Photo with Photoshop

Our friends over at Panos FX have released a great free action for adding snow to a photo using Photoshop. Their action creates animated snow… but you can also just

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Would you like some free Photoshop actions? One of my favorite sites is Panos FX. They regularly push the boundaries of what Photoshop can do. You’ll find cool things from

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Guest Post by Sue Brice I have developed my own Niche over the years and have a fashion style of contemporary portrait that I call PORTRAIT COUTURE. For me simplicity