You might have really young children that show an interest in photography. Consider giving them the joy of photography. You could give them a camera at a family barbeque, gathering, Fourth of July event, family vacations and more. They can have fun for hours!

The Fisher-Price camera doesn’t require focusing. It’s a simple camera designed for fun. And from what I’ve seen, it does exactly that … without breaking!

An old phone

If you have an old “beater” phone, that is one way to introduce the world of photography to them. They’re usually intuitive enough even with very small children.

A virtually indestructible camera

Two viewfinders instead of one and simple large buttons make this camera a lot of fun for kids.

Another more robust way is with a Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Waterproof Digital Camera. This might look more fun. And it’s easier to grip due to its rubbery exterior. 

Also, there are two viewfinders, not one, which is more intuitive for small kids.

I gave this camera to a very small child at an event. She ran around for over an hour taking photos of everything and everyone.

And it’s Fisher-Price. It’s indestructible. Trust me — kids have dropped the camera off tables and kicked down stairs. I don’t believe it was dunked in water, but who knows?

I gave my Fisher-price to a young child. This was her first experience with a camera. She ran around taking photos of everything, exploring the world through a (plastic) lens, laughing, giggling and bringing joy to everyone.