By now people have realized the Platypod Max is a very “on the go” versatile tool. Attaching a ball head and camera makes it as rock solid as a tripod. But did you know, it’s just as great in the studio? I’ve shown in a previous post how to attach an Avenger 5/8-Inch Stud so you can mount a large studio light and hide it in a small space behind your subject without getting it in the shot. This time I used the 3″ spigot adapter from Platypod’s Multi Accessory kit to attach the light to the Platypod; it’s a standard lighting tool size and works with all kinds of strobes and other tools. Now, with the new straps, it easy to mount the Playtypod almost anywhere. This came in handy when I was on location in another studio. I needed a high hair light and by strapping a Platypod to a beam allowed me to attach a studio strobe and a softbox to get the right light I needed.  Here’s a short video showing how a Platypod helped me get the shot I needed on set.

Using a Platypod to hang a hair light

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