Should you be scheduling maintenance for your gear? I believe you should. It’s a bit like your car. You get that serviced regularly so it doesn’t break down, right? I don’t think a camera is any different, especially if it’s your source of income.


  • Update firmware as recommended
  • If you have been in or near salt water, gently wipe down your gear with fresh water and dry it properly.
  • Store your gear well
  • Get regular service maintenance at least once a year. This will keep your sensor clean and your camera in top shape.
  • Should you clean your sensor yourself? Personally, I leave it to the professionals. But I will give it a thorough blow out when I swap lenses. This really is down to your comfort zone.


  • Update firmware or at least check the firmware is current
  • Clean your glass well and make sure it is dust and moisture free, as well as stored well
  • Calibrate your lens (optional)

PC and monitor

  • If you use software to edit your photos, make sure it is up to date, Adobe regularly has updates, for instance, as many software companies do. Check their website if in doubt.
  • Run regular calibration on your monitor for optimal editing abilities. I like the SpyderX Pro Datacolor system.


  • If you have been in or near saltwater, gently wipe down your gear with fresh water and dry it properly after each use.
  • Make sure all levers, clips and such move freely without jamming
  • Store it well

We spend quite a lot of money on our kit, it only make sense to look after it. That way you know it will last you as long as you need it. So think about scheduling some maintenance for your gear in your diary or calendar.