• The clamps are a safe way to attach any camera with an Arca-Swiss style plate.
  • The rail has a built-in bubble level to get a straight shot.
  • The clamps can be repositioned side to side.
  • The center cameras can be mounted either direction.
  • The GoPro buckles work with standard GoPro mounts so you can connect the cameras.
  • I used the bendable knuckles included with each GoPro to create a camera that can be angled to shoot in any direction for greater flexibility.
  • The whole unit weighs about 5 pounds without cameras attached.
  • The open spaces in the bar make it lighter and allowed me to attach a Vulture Equipment Works strap for easy carrying.

I am quite pleased with how it’s turned out. I was able to easily gather a lot more options when shooting video and time-lapse (safe to say I tripled my output os usable shots).

Geeky… yes. Pricey… uh huh. Virtually indestructible… absolutely.