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One of the most significant aspects of photography is that the way you see things is the way things end up being seen – and few things determine that more than the power of selective framing. The recognition that we, the photographers, have the power to frame things however we choose to, knowing it will completely change the way the viewer will experience them, is an extremely liberating realization. Just like in the entirety of life, things are hardly ever just the way they are its often just the way we see them.

And if this is an expedition of truth, you get to lead it. In fact, you are often being commissioned to lead it. Look at these two images, for instance do you see a man and woman in love and and in sync with each other, or do you see a mother and father surrounded by the beautiful chaos that is having children? You choose how you wish to portray them simply by determining what is in the frame. I would suggest, however, that since you’re helping to create interpretations of these individuals for years to come, you frame wisely.