Alright, I love abso-freaking-lutely everything in this video. I’ll possibly even go as far as to say that I love Tamara Lackey–really though, she’s pretty rad. In this 2.5 minute video by Nikon, she goes over things that I absolutely love about being a portrait photographer as well as a couple tips to really capture the good stuff– so pay attention!!

“So much of great portraiture is about connection…”

Speaking about connection, Tamara Lackey is going to be at Photoshop World in Las Vegas on September 3-5, 2014! That’s the perfect time to connect with her and find out that I’m not a liar and that she’s really awesome. Then, besides learning that she’s awesome, you can learn about lighting, posing and even more about capturing authentic expression from her at Photoshop World!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure we can get you $50 off a full conference pass by using the promo code PSWFOCUS414.

Do it, and I’ll see you there too!