I’m excited to share some quality education with you. I’ve created several classes for LinkedInLearning.com, and now my most popular class on basic portrait photography is available at ThinkTapLearn.com for FREE for a limited time. I had a fun time making this class, and I know you’ll find ideas and techniques to help you in all aspects of your portrait photography. Just follow this link and register with your email and you can watch the course for free.

This class took two days of filming to create, plus a ton of scripting and writing and editing. The result is a concise and complete course that won’t waste your time. Each segment is a few minutes long so you can get solid tips quickly and go employ them in a shoot. I know you’re going to enjoy the class–almost as much as I enjoyed making it!

Here’s the outline of topics covered in my class. Again, follow this link to consume for FREE.

Choosing a Shooting Environment for a Simple Portrait

  • How to Get Great Light
  • Three Places to Always Find Great Natural Light
  • Importance & Impact of Backgrounds

Camera Setup for Simple Portraits

  • Camera Setup
  • Setting Depth of Field
  • Controlling Focus
  • Choosing a Shooting Mode
  • Using a Longer Lens

Essential Tools for Simple Portraits

  • Using a Reflector
  • Using a Foam Core or Poster Board
  • Using Practical Lights
  • Essential Tips for Speed Lights

Helping People Look Great

  • Tips for Helping People Look Great
  • Using Shadows to Improve a Portrait
  • Positioning Your Subject
  • The Impact of Camera Height & Lens Angle
  • Directing People for Portraits
  • Keeping the Shoot Moving

Additional Lighting Strategies

  • Using a Diffuser in Full Sun
  • Using Strobe through a Diffuser
  • Minding the Height of the Light & Its Mood
  • Adding a Rim Light

Head to ThinkTapLearn.com to watch this course for free for a limited time.

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