The Platypod Pro Max is very versatile. Attaching a ballhead and camera makes it as rock solid as a tripod with the advantage of being able to place it almost anywhere. By attaching an Avenger 5/8-Inch Stud, you can mount a large studio light and hide it in a small space behind your subject without getting it in the shot. This gives a photographer freedom to shoot from different angles without having to use the subject to hide a light stand. Here’s how to hide a big light in a small space using the Platypod Pro Max.

Attaching a strobe to a Platypod Pro Max

To mount a studio strobe to the Platypod Pro Max, you need to attach an Avenger 5/8-Inch Stud with a 1/4-Inch-20 female thread.

Once attached, mount the studio strobe to the stud. Depending on how heavy the light is, you can balance the light by having the heavier side leaning down on the longer side of the Platypod.

If you need a sharper tilt, use the included Spike/Screw.

Lighting the background

To separate the subject from the background, position the light directly behind the subject aiming at the background. Using a honeycomb grid will produce a beautiful spotlight effect. With the light low to the ground, it won’t interfere with the shot.  

Front light

Adding a softbox to the studio light creates a great kicker light. This will soften shadows under the subject’s chin—great for a clamshell-style light setup.

Shoot through Fog

Using a traditional light stand means you need the subject to hide the light and stand. This can create a beautiful wrap-around light. Another option is to place the light very low and shoot up through the fog. This will hide the light, giving you more freedom with posing.

Versatile is key to studio gear. The more jobs a single piece of gear can do justifies it’s worth. The Platypod Pro Max has proven its value in my studio.