There some times when even a travel tripod is just too much to lug around, and sometimes you need to get really low, or switch quickly between tripod steady, and hand held without leaving a valuable full-size tripod unattended. Thats where a good table top tripod can come in handy—a table top tripod can also be easily stuffed into a camera bag for emergencies without jeopardizing the carry-on status of your gear. I submit for your approval, the Oben TT-100 Table Top Tripod:

Oben TT-100 Table Top Tripod
The Oben TT-100 is a quality table top tripod that is extremely sturdy and compact.

This little gem is a great addition to any photographers kit—it may surprise you that this little tripod has so many applications. Of course the obvious use is for very low angle, on the ground shots…

Low Angle Tripod
When you have to get really low, the Oben TT-100 is your friend
Ground level shot
It is much easier to capture these ground level nature close-ups when you can get your camera secured on the Oben table top tripod.

The little table top can also be used against a vertical support…


Any vertical surface can be pressed into service for eye level shots using the handy Oben TT-100

Table top tripods can often be used where regular tripods are prohibited, like museums or cathedrals, where you can steady the tripod against a wall or a post.

Building - pod
Even urban environments present opportunities to use a table top tripod.

This little tripod folds up nicely, and you can leave it attached to your camera, and use it like a pistol grip, so you can grab shots in-between setups…

pistol grip
The Oben TT-100 is so small it can stay on the camera even when you need to hand hold a shot.

While there are many options for placing your camera at a low angle ( bean bags, Platypod, etc…) you can’t beat the tiny Oben TT-100 for ease of use, and sturdiness. The tripod includes a very serviceable mini ball head, but you can remove it and use almost any standard size ball head if you desire—the tripod tightens to the ball head through the use of a coin – or by hand via a flip-out lever! The legs can assume any intermediate position, and the friction in the leg spread keeps them in place, though they only lock when they are pushed all the way down to their flat position—you can remedy this, if you need a more elevated position by placing the legs inside a lid from a small or medium sized jar…

jar lid leg spreader
A jar lid can be used to lock the spreading legs for a more upright position.

The Oben TT-100 Table Top Tripod is solid, well designed, and well manufactured—compact enough to place in a camera bag, so you can always have a reliable camera support with you for those times when a full-sized tripod is too much, too big, not low enough to get the shot, or forbidden altogether!