Last week we previewed the Platyball, a revolutionary tripod ball head from Platypod. And now the details are finally announced, and the Platyball Kickstarter campaign is live!

To be released later this year, the Platyball is a tripod ball head mount designed to help photographers and videographers focus more on getting the shot and less on setup. It will come in two models — the Platyball Elite and the Platyball Ergo. Both are compatible with most tripods and have identical mechanical features. The difference is the Elite’s patented and accurate LED-based leveling indicator.

“Everything photographers and videographers know about tripods and ball heads is about to change,” said Larry Tiefenbrunn, CEO and Inventor.

The Platyball is crafted with forged aluminum and has a metallic clear-coat finish with no protruding knobs. The ball heads are made for single-handed operation, and feature variable tension locking and unlocking buttons. Both have a 22 pound capacity and are weather-sealed for tough outdoor conditions.

They have a built-in panning system, comprised of a panning turntable and locking wheel with etched 360-degree markings and indicator arrows. The quick release clamp is Arca-Swiss compatible and has a twist-locking collar and safety button for added security. Finally, the tripod socket is a standard 3/8-inch socket which is stainless steel reinforced, and is adaptable to 1/4-inch with the included reducer bushing.

The Elite model also has a bidirectional electronic level. A master power switch turns on the power, and there are two buttons on the face — one to activate the leveling system and another to alter brightness, calibration and do a factory reset. It is powered by a single A23 Alkaline battery.

“What I look for in a ball head is reliability, functionality and ease of use,” said photographer Shiv Verma. “In my preproduction testing, the Platyball Elite and Ergo meet and exceed these requirements in every category.

“When you hold this ball head, you immediately realize it means business. It’s solid, yet sleek and you sense the precision.”

Once released, the Platyball Ergo will retail for $249, with the Elite costing $325. During its Kickstarter campaign, backers can save up to $50 on the Ergo and $76 on the Elite, which also come with a rubberized jacket and Arca-style leveling disk. Visit to get started.