I’ve long been a user of Vanguard tripods, and am always curious what their new offerings will bring to the table. The Veo 2 204AB tripod is a perfect lightweight, portable option when you’re traveling or on-the-go.

I previously tested out the Veo 2 235AB tripod, and it’s since become a staple in my bag. But the Veo 2 204AB is even more lightweight, making it ideal for smaller camera bodies.

Portable and Secure

In terms of portability, the Veo 2 204AB is by far my favorite to use. It’s quick to setup and I felt secure with it holding my Panasonic Lumix G9 and 12-35 f/2.8 lens.

The legs are sturdy enough to hold most small-to-medium sized cameras and lenses, and a light wind didn’t seem to have an impact in terms of stability. It weighs just 2.2 pounds but can hold four times that, at 8.8 pounds. While this will work for most mirrorless or small DSLR setups, if you have a larger system or one with a battery grip, you might want to look at something that allows for a heavier maximum load.

The twist lock rings on each of the legs are identical to others in the Veo 2 series, making it easy to adjust with gloves in the cold winter. The feet were able to stay sturdy and not slip in the snow, despite not having spikes attached.

Small Build, Large Feature Set

Despite being the smallest tripod I’ve used (not counting a Platypod), the Veo 2 204AB comes with a hefty set of features. Thanks to the BH-45 ball head, I love the fact that it’s super easy to switch from a horizontal to a vertical orientation, something I’m finding myself doing more and more of.

It’ll fold down to just under 16 inches, making it perfect to fit inside a suitcase, and will expand to reach just over 53 inches in height.

The 204AB has four adjustable leg sections, which can be put at three different angled positions. It comes available with accent colors of black, red or blue.


The 204AB was quick and easy to pull out and set up. I used it for some photographs of the Grand River covered in ice chunks, setting it up on the slippery snow.

If you’re looking for a lightweight travel tripod that you can rely on to keep your smaller camera setup sturdy, look no further. The Veo 2 204AB might be lightweight, but it’s full of features and perfect for traveling. It retails for $99.99 and comes with a carrying bag.