I have to say, this sort of thing really irks me. Why do some photographers have to be so smug? Granted, with most of the photographers I interact with, whether it’s on social media or in person, people are kind and considerate. But as you may remember, a recent conversation I had on Twitter proves that there is still a lot of “old-school” thinking out there in the photography world.

Sure, we share a lot more than photographers used to. Not only do we post our photos online, but we also often times will share where we photographed them, our camera settings, the gear we used , and even more “trade secrets” that tended to be “hush hush” back in the day. As an educator and pro photographer myself, I share a lot more than most, but it’s all for the love of photographyfor myself, and for the people who learn from it. But I have also been criticized for giving away my “secrets” to other photographers, saying that I was “helping the competition”. I guess, in my eyes, I don’t see it that way. I am on a life-long mission to help create better photographers, and I do that by teaching photography. I know, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it? ;)

Have you ever had a less-than-desirable interaction with photographers out in the field? Share it in the comments below!