It’s me again, Kristina Sherk from Shark Pixel, with today’s Portrait Photographer of the Week! Thanks for checking in to see who we’ve selected, and thanks for continuing to contribute such beautiful work to the Photofocus Flickr Pool for me to choose from!!

Today’s featured photographer is Nicolas Winspeare, chosen based on this great photo titled “Passers By”. I love how Nicolas portrays motion and stillness in the same shot. This elderly person is FULL of personality and I can totally see why the photographer chose to capture him! What a cool shot.

The image was taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 with an XF35mm F1.4 R lens. His aperture was set at f/1.4 and his focal length 35mm. The shutter speed was 1/8000th and the ISO was at 200. Nicolas is an extremely talented street photographer and you can check out more of his work on his flickr photostream or his personal website. Great work, Nicolas!

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