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Photographer: Mundl_Photographie “_DSC3525”

Photographer of the Day Mundl_Photographie beautifully captures the peace and quiet of a winter’s day, focusing our attention on a lone tree. There is geometry in the composition, with the band of white snow in the background running perpendicular to the tree. Our eyes form a triangle as we look between the buildings and line of trees in the background and the lone tree in the foreground. The trees in the background to the right also provide balance with their height and form paralleling the mountains. The soft white pink clouds add to the softness of the scene. So many times I have seen a lone tree in a field out of a car window during my travels. Mundl_Photographie inspires me to stop the car, and take a second look with my camera in hand.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Group on Flickr here.

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