A common question that is asked in many photography social media forums is for recommendations on where to find a location that meets specific needs. In most cases there will be a nice location already submitted to Shootipedia. Shootipedia is a website that was created to allow photographers to find and share locations that they have shot at. I’m finding I use this resource more and more lately.


If you are in an area where theres not a lot of references, get involved. Let others know to mark those places. If you are traveling, this is a great resource to check out. Fortunately, I live in an area where their is an abundance of locations marked with pictures. Other photographers have even left notes about the location and lighting. This is my first go to when looking for a location.

Another great option is Google Earth. I used Google Earth for so much and its been fantastic to find locations as a photographer or for video shoots. Just an FYI, It’s getting harder and harder to utilize the plug-in on your web browsers so I recommend downloading the program to your computer.

You can choose the photo option in the layers as seen here:

I also utilize the lighting for sunset and sunrise in the options at the top of the map as seen here:

Lastly, do an internet search on photography in that location. You may be surprised on what you find. Researching where you are looking to take pictures can save time and narrow down a few locations you will want to drive out and check out in person.

Bottom Line:

Researching where you take your pictures will save you time, give you the knowledge and help you become more familiar with the environment you are planning to shoot in. Knowledge is power and anything that will help your work be better is worth the time you take when you do your research.