Google’s Snapseed has undergone a facelift of late and one of the things Ive found helpful is the ability to brush in the HDR filter.

Applying The HDR Scape Filter

To apply the HDR filter tap the pencil icon in the bottom right corner

Then slide up to reveal the filters.

Among the filters is the new HDR Scape. This works much better than the Drama that you may have added before.

Here add the adjustments to suit. In this example Im only adjusting for the portion of the image under the desk. The wall and windows Ill do later.

Ill tap the tick when Im done.

Brushing in HDR

Now that Ive applied a filter theres a 1 at the top of the screen. Ill tap that;

That reveals the History of my adjustments. For me thats only the HDR Scape;

Besides the HDR Scape filter theres a < telling me theres more here. Ill tap that.

This reveals 3 new options. I can trash the filter, use a brush or adjust the settings. Ill tap the brush;

Now it looks like Im back to the beginning but using my finger, or a stylus, I can brush back the HDR Scape where I want it, in this case just below the desk;

Tapping the eye icon at the bottom of the screen will reveal where Ive brushed.

If I want to reverse my brush, where Ive painted is not selected, then the circle in a square icon in the bottom left will do this.

I don’t want that here, so Ill tap it again to put it back as it was, and click the tick

I can repeat this process and make the HDR Scape for above the desk and paint that in separately should I wish.

So there we are, by painting in HDR Ive been able to apply different settings to different parts of my image.

To finish my image off here Ill add a Black and White Filter, a Vignette and a Frame. Oh and, these can also be brushed in!