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high dynamic range

When to photograph brackets for HDR
Adding interest with Adjustment Layers in Aurora HDR
Aurora HDR 2019 dynamic range for resort & real estate photography
The Traveling Photographer — Route 66 meets Aurora 2019
Taking advantage of Aurora’s new Quantum HDR Engine for bracketed images
First look: Aurora HDR 2019 from Skylum
Creating a more evenly lit image with Aurora HDR 2018
Challenge: Help a subject stand out from the background in Aurora HDR 2018 (part 32)
Challenge: Creating the look of a digital painting in Aurora HDR 2018 (part 31)
Challenge: Creating a feeling with an image in Aurora HDR 2018 (part 30)
Challenge: Preserving original color and applying contrast in Aurora HDR 2018 (part 29)
Batch Processing Files in Aurora HDR 2018 (part 28)

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feature image first look at aurora

First look: Aurora HDR 2019 from Skylum

(Editor’s note: Aurora HDR 2019 is a powerful update that has several new, and, frankly, compelling features. Photofocus author Vanelli takes us on a tour of the most significant new addition to this HDR tool. If you’re already an Aurora user,

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Exporting Files in Aurora HDR 2018 (part 26)

In this course, join Richard Harrington and explore the world of HDR with Aurora HDR from Skylum. You’ll learn how to merge multiple exposures together to show an extended dynamic range of scenes.  This class covers how to use the

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Traveling with non-photographers

Whether you’re a serious hobbyist, semi-pro or pro, traveling and going on outings is part of our lives with our friends and loved ones. As a photographer, this can sometimes hinder our efforts to getting the shots we want but

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Canon announces two new inkjet photo printers

Today, Canon announced two new PIXMA printers: The Canon PIXMA TS3520 Wireless All-in-One Printer and Canon PIXMA G620 Wireless MegaTank Photo Printer. Designed with specific uses in mind. Each printer is equipped with features that help create the high-quality prints

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one tip

One tip for great family portraits

All it takes is one tip. Even if the only pictures you ever show are landscapes, closeups, flowers or horses; someone is going to ask you to make a family picture. Here are five inevitable facts about family portraits, and

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Reflections on Mirrorless | EP02 | Andrew Diamond - youtube

Where does video fit into your workflow?

Ever since 2008, when the Nikon D90 was released, photographers have had the power of video at their fingertips. But just because you CAN do something, SHOULD you? Join Levi Sim as he sits down with full-time videographer Andrew Diamond.

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Kathleen Larsen: Hobby photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Kathleen Larsen. Kathleen is a hobby photographer from Sioux Falls, SD. She started taking more photos after she retired and received a digital camera. Luminar has opened up the possibilities for her

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