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My “Top 10” Favorite Photography Blogs

I’ve been following a lot of photography blogs and websites for many years. The vast amount of information about photography on the Internet today is one of the main ways that I was able to learn more about digital photography and post-processing, and it just keeps getting better.

So, if you’re looking for some good content to add to your RSS reader (such as Feedly, my personal favorite), then here is an excellent list to get you started. By the way, these are listed in no particular order … I love them all so much I don’t think I would be able to even decide which I liked the best. :D

Karen Hutton –

Karen is a hoot. She’s an excellent photographer with a huge personality. Her photos are bright, vibrant, and full of texture and color, and she even shares a lot of before-and-after images of her processing style. Karen is also a voice actress, and if you have ever downloaded the Stuck on Earth app by Trey Ratcliff, then you may have already heard her voice!

Karen also has a video series called “The Chat” where she interviews creatives. It’s a very worthwhile series to watch, and you may even see some familiar faces in there, too!

Lightroomers –

If you ask me who knows the most about Lightroom, Rob Sylvan would be the first person to pop into my head. Rob has been the Lightroom help-desk guru for KelbyOne for as long as I can recall. I worked as the Photoshop help-desk for three years alongside with Rob, and you have to really know the software inside-and-out in order to do that job well. I highly recommend Rob’s blog, Lightroomers, as one of your go-to sources for all things Lightroom.

Rob also runs a photography workshop site and leads several landscape workshops throughout the year. Check out The Digital Photo Workshops for more info! There are even a few upcoming trips this year that I will be attending which both have spots available! (Tetons and Moab workshop … shameless plug, lol.). ;)

Lightroom Killer Tips –

Since we’re on the topic of Lightroom, another really great source is Matt Kloskowski’s blog: Lightroom Killer Tips. Matt works as a “Photoshop Guy” for KelbyOne and also has a bunch of video tutorials and photography classes over on that site as well. It’s a great read, with a ton of good info about Lightroom. Definitely worth adding to your list.

Brian is a pro photographer, a Sony Artisan, and he also works at Google as the “Global Photos Products Evangelist“. (He is also my husband, so I should probably fully disclose that information as well.) :) Brian posts a lot of inspirational and though-provoking articles, along with beautiful and unique imagery. He also post very regularly, so you’ll always have some juicy content to read when you refresh your RSS feed. :) And he’s a full-on Sony mirrorless user, and has TONS of their gear, so if that type of photography interests you in the slightest then I highly recommend that you give him a follow.

Seth Godin –

Seth Godin is not a photographer, but he is definitely a smart business guru. It’s probably the best blog on marketing tips, customer relations, and just how to get your mind thinking smartly when building your business. As an entrepreneur and businesswoman myself, I read his blog daily for his sage advice.

David duChemin –

If you want a good creative kick-in-the-rear, then you NEED to read David’s blog. He is a world-traveler, an amazing photographer, and an even better writer. His articles tend more towards inspiration and eye-opening-thought-inducing posts, and he also elaborates on his articles and photos with gorgeous eBooks through his online store, Craft&Vision.

Really Right Stuff Blog –

Aside from having awesome tripod gear, RRS also posts some beautiful photos and articles through their blog. I love seeing these posts pop up in my RSS feed; it’s always refreshing to view a gorgeous image with the story behind the photo. If you like learning how photographs were made, then this is a must-read.

Strobist –

Don’t let the simplicity of his blog design fool youDavid Hobby, the genius behind Strobist, is a master of off-camera-flash (OCF). As I recall, Strobist was one of the very first blogs I started following when I made the move to digital back in 2005. I learned a TON from his site, and it’s a wonderful read if you are wanting to learn more about OCF and lighting.

500px blog –

500px has some of the best photos on the planet on their website. And, they have a really great blog that showcases some of the best work on their site, as well as features on photographers. They also have some good photo tips and post-processing tutorials as well.

Scott Kelby –

If you don’t know who Scott Kelby is already, now is the time to find out! This guy has written dozens of books on photography and post-processing, and also heads up a pretty large conference twice a year called Photoshop World. He posts daily (Monday thru Friday), and always posts great content, news, as well as links to other sources.

These websites are just the tip of the iceberg; there are still so many more sites I could have listed. And, I’m always looking for new, wonderful content to add to my RSS reader! Do you know of a great blog or website? Share it in the comments below!

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