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light painting

Light Painting 101: Lighting a “giant robot dog monster” (mining equipment) during a full moon
Light painting 101: How to photograph a historic Route 66 Whiting Bros Motel sign
Light painting 101: Three steps to creating long shadows at an abandoned waterpark entrance
Milky Way spotting in fire country
Light painting 101: Illuminating a piano in a creepy abandoned mental hospital
Night photography workshop: learning from Troy Paiva in a Western ghost town
Light painting 101: Five steps to light painting an Old West gas station
How I got the photo: Rock of Ages, Joshua Tree National Park
Light painting 101: Illuminating a service station in three easy steps
Light painting 101: Three steps to illuminating an eerie abandoned piano
Light painting 101: Three easy steps to light painting in heavy light pollution
Light painting 101: Two quick steps to lighting a Joshua Tree for dimensionality at night

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Milky Way from the Santa Cruz Mountains

Milky Way spotting in fire country

It’s that time of year when you see lots of photographs of the Milky Way. This past weekend the Perseid Meteor Shower was getting started, the moon wasn’t visible and the sky was remarkably clear. The direction the meteors appear

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Dollar store must-haves for all photographers

Photography can become an equipment-heavy craft, with many photographers focusing more on gear than the art itself. I’ve gotten caught up in this from time to time as well, having spent hundreds of dollars on things that served no purpose.

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