As I was preparing for my trip to WPPI, I realized I didn’t have room in my camera bag for a roll of Gaffers tape. Using a 12-inch piece of cardboard, I wrapped 20 feet of Gaff tape around it. It’s only about a quarter of an inch and fits perfect in my bag!

Gaffers tape — also known as Gaff tape — is a heavy cotton cloth, pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties. Unlike duct tape, Gaff tape is designed to be removable — especially important when you can’t damage the surface beneath the tape. It’s that piece of gear every photographer needs in their bag. The main reason why so many photographers don’t include this versatile tool in their bag is room. A roll of Gaff tape is large!

In this video, I show you how you can bring a little or a lot of Gaff tape with you by creating a simple strip.

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