Not long ago, I got a paper backdrop from San Jose Camera & Video. I was kind of proud of myself because usually these trips involve lots of wandering around and watching the Gear Acquisition Syndrome ramp up.

This time the goal was clear — there was only the one thing needed. One. In, out, done … right? Walk to the back, find the perfectly sized roll of paper, admire the backdrop stand that’s far cooler than mine for only a moment, recompose and then head to the cashier. And there they were.

My cables were a freak show

The power cable and garage door handle in the way of today’s ultra professional garage studio.

Usually my cables are clipped in place with A-clamps. That’s cool until I really need one of those to wrangle my client’s outfit into some sense of wrinkle-free control.

Right there at the cash register was the answer. Like glowing light from the heavens and a choir of angels singing there was this box of Think Tank Photo Red Whips Bungie Cable Ties.

I know this seems silly, because it is. I don’t rave about impulse buys but I thought “Here’s an obvious solution to a dumb problem right under my nose.” Impulse buys are usually relegated to gum, that snack, or a magazine. Yet there I was literally grabbing a packet and saying “Aha!”

At least the cables are organized now.

I had to share

I was so excited about how well these worked during a recent portrait session that I had to write about them. There’s cables and even bits of gear held up and organized with one or two of these bungie cable ties.

Besides, now you get to see how messy my garage is. Some other favorite goodies pictured here include Neewer Pro Stainless Steel Heavy Duty C Stand, Fotodiox Pro 18in Beauty Dish with Fotodiox Pro Honeycomb Grid, Fotodiox Crescent Moon Reflector, Pixel TW-283 E3/N3 Wireless Remote and my favorite Paul C. Buff Einstein™ Flash.

Think Tank Photo Red Whips Bungie Cable Ties

Think Tank Red Whips Bungie Cable Ties V2.0 are heavy-duty, adjustable elastic bands. The package contains ten short (6″) and two long (7.5″) cable wraps which you can use to secure cables.