As photographers, we often find ourselves faced with endless choices of gadgets and gizmos that could aid in our artwork.

Today I want to share a few items that you could find useful in your camera bag, closet or drawer. These items might not be useful on a regular basis, but when you need it, having them could be a project saver.

Hero Clip

The first product gadget I want to share is the Hero Clip. It’s a carabiner unlike any you’ve used before. It’s a carabiner with a hook. Yes, that simple!

Having these around the studio have proved handy and having one in my camera bag while with other photographers has also proved useful like when photographers have a tripod with no center column hook for holding their bag.

Sensor and lens wipes

Don’t be scared of cleaning your camera’s sensor and always keep your lens glass clean. Use professional solutions and never, ever, use canned air.

I’ve always used a Delkin Sensor Scope and its solution. But I was recently introduced to the new system from Aurora Camera Care, and I’m extremely impressed!


As someone who deals with daily back pain, I cannot stress the importance of a quality system for your camera.

That’s why I use the Spider Holster system for all my cameras.

In fact, I use a Really Right Stuff L Bracket on both my DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Having the Spider Pro Clamp alongside my Spider Holster makes it easy and fast to go from waist to tripod in seconds.

The new SpiderPro plate and the lens collar doubles as Arca Swiss mounts, which make it easy mounting on most tripods within their system.

It’s a win-win. The quality holding of cameras and your back and neck will thank you.

Accent lights

Every photo studio needs accent lights, whether small strobes or LED lights. These compact, magnetizable and waterproof lights from CAT are sold at Costco for under $20 (for a two-pack).

Background light stands

One of the challenges I have by having a home studio for my photography is space. My studio is in our finished basement, with low drop ceilings. So I cannot have lighting up high and am limited to the space I have available.

That’s why I recommend using background light stands when needing to illuminate your backgrounds. Their extremely small, and low to the ground. They stay out of the way and can be weighted down for stability.

So many brands make these, are their quite affordable.

Your turn

What is a go-to gadget or gizmo you recommend photographers think about picking up for their travels, studios or just to have around the house? Let me know in the comments below!