Background stands are handy for photographers. We need to separate our subjects from the environment. Having a portable option doesn’t have to tax your pocketbook.

Raya background support kit

I was sent a Raya BGS-S10 background kit to test out. When I saw it had a sub-$40 price point, my expectations were not very high. When I took the stand out of its carrying case I thought, “Oh boy, these are pretty lightweight.” Turns out that’s a bonus.

This kit is under five pounds, which makes it ideal for on-location shooting. I was pleasantly surprised by the stiffness of the metal. I’ve been dealing with sagging cross bars with my older stands for quite a while. After putting these together I found the bar sections to be straight and tight.

photo background stand
Raya background stand set up on a table in the studio for a quick still life photo.


The maximum height is six feet, but you can always get a bit more height by setting the stands on a table if you need it. The stands pack up tight at just under three feet.

It goes out to a width of 9.8 feet, with a minimum of 4.9 feet.

Paper backgrounds

This stand is ideal for 53-inch roll paper backgrounds. With two sections connected, a 53-inch paper roll with core is supported with no problem. Note that there’s a 6.5 pound weight limit at this length.

This kit will NOT support a 107-inch paper roll. Note that when all four sections of pipe are in place, the weight limit is 4.4 pounds. This means you can’t hang a full roll of 53-inch paper when fully extended.

Muslin backgrounds

Hanging a muslin sheet can be accomplished by adding two more sections for just under a 10-foot span. You can hang a 10-foot wide by 12-foot long muslin sheet. 4.4 pounds is the limit when fully extended. Keep the weight limits in mind or you’ll be buying a new background stand.

photo background stand image
Raya background stand with extensions, accessory clips and carry case.

If you are on a budget or don’t have a Sherpa, this stand kit works well for small setups in the studio and on-location work. The kit comes with a couple A clamps that have strong springs, but the clip surface is hard plastic which makes them a little slippery. The kit packs well in the carrying case so all your parts are in one place. Note again to not exceed the weight limits, and you’ll be good to go.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob