With PhotoPlus Expo in its second day, I’ve been able to explore the expo floor quite a bit. One of the companies that intrigued me took a simple idea — the case foam you find in cases from companies such as Pelican, DORO and SKB.

When you buy a case with foam inside, you’re expected to either cut or break away pieces in order to fit your gear securely. This can create several issues because it’s impossible to make a perfect fit for round lenses and camera bodies. When I went to Ireland last summer, trying to fit my camera and lenses took quite a bit of time and effort.

Enter MyCaseBuilder, which solves the problem of creating a secure foam for your hard case.

MyCaseBuilder works really cool — you go onto its website and browse for the case you have. Or if you don’t have a case, select the one you want. You can then either buy the case and start customizing your foam or just purchase the foam separately.

The customization options are great. You can start with one of the cameras or lenses in its library, or you can take a photo of your camera and lenses, which allows you to trace the shape. You can even choose the orientation of your gear, for instance, choosing to lay your camera flat or top down.

Once you’re done, it creates a 3D model of the case foam, where you can see the cut-outs.

The cool thing? It’s not just limited to traditional camera gear. You can customize your foam to hold drones and accessories, too. Because of the photo tracing capability, you can literally customize your foam to fit anything. In addition to customizing foam for camera gear, MyCaseBuilder also has options for guns, bottles, computers and more.

In addition to customizing your foam, you can order custom sizes of foam too, in case you’re using a case without a template or a case that’s build custom for you.

MyCaseBuilder has a show special of 15% off valid until Dec. 1, using the code T-18PPNY. Turnaround typically takes 10-12 days, as each order is custom made to your specifications.

The most valuable feature of MyCaseBuilder — you’re no longer locked into buying replacement foam for your new gear and customizing it yourself. Simply buy a replacement from MyCaseBuilder, which handles the customization work for you.