Would you like to take a trip?  In our new series on travel photography we’ll explore the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  We’ll use this scenic Central American country to illustrate many types of photography as well as share lessons learned.  This full course is also available on lynda.com and you can subscribe to watch the entire thing on their site.

We’ve established that Costa Rica is a tropical and a sub-tropical environment. This means you need to be prepared for a lot of different types of environments for shooting. From hot beaches to cold rainy days. You may find yourself in a cloud forest, a moist forest, a rainforest or a traditional forest, all sorts of different types of things to shoot through. You might find it useful to bring a haze filter or a circular polarizer to cut through some of that haze while shooting. Additionally, lots and lots of layers.

I would find myself going through the day or even on a particular hike as we change elevation, going all the way down to a damp t-shirt from being so hot that you could barely stand it to a little bit later being absolutely freezing cold. You’re gonna have layers upon layers of clothing and hopefully, lots of rain gear. I strongly recommend rain gear for your camera and rain gear for you. For your own camera, you don’t have to invest in anything too expensive, this tends to just be sort of a (indistinct) bag, that can be put around the camera and cinched tight.