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Photographer: Sean Capers “soothing sound”

Photographer of the Day, Sean Capers, has taken advantage of the light at day’s end to make this image. In some ways, this is an image about silhouette’s.  The banjo player is almost a silhouette–there is just enough light to show his face and the outline of his body, instrument, and clothing. And I love the pattern that is formed with the outline of his arms and elbows and the outline of the audience in silhouette–they form diagonal up and down lines. The use of these lines and the almost silhouette draw our attention to the musician and most specifically his face. But they also tell us a story of a man making his music at day’s end, as others walk past and stop to listen, and hopefully enjoy the moment, the soothing sound.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Group on 500px here.

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