Getting color right is a challenge that every photographer has to manage. This webinar shows how to use the X-Rite ColorChecker to calibrate a digital camera. Brenda Hipsher, X-Rite Brand Manager is our guest who along with Photofocus technical editor, Kevin Ames takes you through a fully color-managed workflow in a short 37 minutes.

Some of the workflow talking points in this webinar …

  • Monitor calibration — the first step in a color-managed workflow
  • The color of light — how the eye sees white
  • Shooting the ColorChecker — for a master camera profile
  • Camera calibration — getting the most accurate color from your sensor
  • Master camera profile — how to make a dual illuminant digital camera profile
  • Using a master digital camera profile — apply the profile then set the white balance
  • Batch color correction — save tons of time adjusting white balance and exposure
  • How a ColorChecker is made — it starts with paint on paper