On Monday, we told you about our two iBooks… The Basic Beginners Guide to Photography Light & Exposure and Secrets of HDR. These books are truly interactive with audio, video, quizzes, and scaling images. While many of you have already downloaded them, a many of you couldn’t as at that time they were only available for iPad.


I’ll let you in on a secret… we knew that wasn’t a restriction for very long. That’s why we temporarily lowered the price to just 99 USD (or closes equivalent internationally).

Yesterday, Apple released OSX Mavericks, the latest version of their OS. In fact they’re literally giving it away for free. Included with the new update is iBooks for Mac. This app let’s you browse, purchase, view and search any iBook on your computer. This means any of you Mac users who can run OSX Mavericks (system requirements here) can now read our books.

Remember, they are on sale for just 99 each, so pick up the books today to start learning all about better exposure and great looking HDR. if you already have our books, they’ll work automatically. Be sure to also check out some of the other great photo training books (including many free ones too)