It’s that time of year again when everything starts getting a little crazy. If you like to bake — especially at this time of year — don’t forget to catch a little of the Christmas cheer.

Whether you are making cookies or treats for family and friends or as special gifts and especially if the children or grandkids are involved. Capture some Christmas cookie yuletide cheer. It’s fabulous to share with family and friends on social media and with loved ones at a distance.

Don’t forget to capture the smiles and laughter (I have left faces out of mine for this post). There is nothing better than the smiles on children’s faces spending time with a parent or grandparent doing something festive, yet simple at this time of year. Or pop some bubbles and make an afternoon with some like-minded friends (like I did) and have a wonderful day filled with fun and nibbles.

Of course, you can make it all about the cookies and just capture the hands, big and small, lovingly making the cookies. The rolling, kneading, mixing, dipping and sprinkling that pretty sparkling sugar. There is no rule that says faces have to be in photos to add a human touch. Just a hand here and there let’s people know they are made by hand and not store-bought.

I was lucky enough when I took these to have access to lots of natural light if your kitchen is a little dark, you could try to bring in some LEDs or shoot with fluorescent bulbs that are overhead in most kitchens, but don’t forget to adjust your white balance for the harsh light.

For presents, pop them in a small box and add some pretty ribbon. Enjoy, and happy holidays.