It’s OS upgrade time for Mac users. Yosemite bows out as El Capitan takes the stage. Last year at this time the move to Yosemite from Mavericks caused consternation among Canon photographers who relied on the EOS Utility as I reported last November first here on Photofocus. It took Canon a month to officially release the fix.

Test… 2.0, 3.0

The notice came this morning in the form of a banner on my MacPro. Upgrade to El Capitan was its gist. Having learned from last year’s snafu, I updated only the MacPro in the post production suite. A quick trip to Canon’s website was not encouraging. While the Software section acknowledged that my MacPro was running El Capitan, there was no update for the utilities.

While it seems scary, the lack of updates for Canon's utilities doesn't matter.
While it seems scary, the lack of updates for Canon’s utilities doesn’t matter.

EOS Utility 2

This version works with the previous versions of Canon cameras like the 5D Mk2, 1Ds Mk2, 7D and the like. I attached a Canon 1Ds Mk 3 to the Mac and EOS Utility 2 dutifully launched then connected to the camera. The software proved to be fully functional. Good start, El Capitan!

EOS Utility 3

Canon upgraded the EOS Utility software to version 3 for its latest entries. Pro camera 1Dx, Prosumer offerings 5D MK3, 7D Mk2, and the new high megapixel 5Ds & 5Dsr require EOS Utility 3.0. Once again I attached a camera, this time the 5Dsr with a USB 3.0 cable and held my breath. There! The splash screen appeared and, on clicking Remote Shooting the control panel opened. Success!

Cheers to Canon & Apple

I have no idea if Canon changed anything to make EOS Utility work with Apple’s new El Capitan operating system. I suspect that no upgrade to the utilities was needed. It doesn’t matter. Both versions work at least on my MacPro. These results mean I’ll upgrade my two shooting computers tomorrow with great expectations. To quote the A-Team’s leader, John “Hannibal” Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together!”2192-PSW LV lightingKevin is a commercial photographer from Atlanta. He works for fashion, architectural, manufacturing and corporate clients. When he’s not shooting, he contributes to Photoshop User magazine & writes for