Double Exposure is catching on as quite the artistic trend. Whether it’s digital or analog, the process of double exposing your frame always makes for an interesting and beautiful mix of emotion. And our friends over at ViewBug had a great contest for double exposures, and the top 26 were quite fantastic.

Spirit Within by elyktra

untitled by christian1194

I am part of the nature by Annomar

double exposure by dancingrebel

Gaining perspective by ShootMeNow

On The Inside by TerezaVlckovaPhotography

Double Exposure by lucretiarichmond

Saltwater Room Self Portrait by yenruechen

Think Green by gabriellaalexa

Autumn Leaves by belleballentine

Breaking Their Hold by Flakkey

new one by photoshow

What You see, What I see. by sarahgilchrist832

well see. by zimnochpictures

Set me free by SaiShanmugam

untitled by DivyaG27

fear by selmansenturk

Elliot by zakmilofsky

The puppeteer. by gabriellealexandra

Bug Face by Emma_Wondra

b by laurencep

Mind the Birds by chrisrivera

Jordan by kolbyschnelli

untitled by kajaldavies

Lens. by Elohi

Double Exposure by SimonB