As we gear up for the biggest shopping season of the year, we’re presenting our favorite gifts for photographers this holiday season. Thanks to ManfrottoGitzo and Fine Art America, the sponsors of this year’s Holiday Gift Guide.

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Below are a few of our favorites that are valued under $250. These are great gifts for the photographer in your life!

Manfrotto PRO Light Backloader Backpack S

Recommended by the Photofocus Team | $179.99; available via Manfrotto

Designed to fit specific creator workflows, the PRO Light Backloader offers rear access in a fully padded camera compartment. Featuring a customizable interior, a second top access point serves as an alternative to reaching your most used cameras or lenses.

In front is a multi-section compartment that’s great for small accessories and personal items. There’s also a checkpoint-friendly laptop section that holds a 15-inch laptop, and a double-sided tripod connection. Finally, the adjustable chest strap offers for a more comfortable carry, while the DuoFace sun and rain cover repels moisture and reflects sunlight.

AfterShoot yearly subscription

Recommended by Bryan Esler | Read review | $119; available via AfterShoot

AfterShoot seeks to solve the biggest time consumer that every professional photographer runs into — culling. The software works marvelously to detect blurry photos, photos with closed eyes, duplicates and more. Portrait and event photographers … this is a huge timesaver! It’s literally cut my culling time in half. And the best part? It works as both a pre-processing tool or one that will embed its metadata so you can use it in tools like Lightroom Classic and Capture One.

Arctic Butterfly Sensor Brush

Recommended by Brett Day | Read review | $124.70; available via B&H

Stop paying crazy amounts of money to have your sensor cleaned. You can buy tge Artic Butterfly one time and then pocket those cleaning fees for yourself. Cleaning your camera’s sensor is easier than you think. The Nano-coated fibers of this brush gently lift away stubborn dust without damaging your sensor. You can be back out shooting in seconds after using this handy tool.

BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

Recommended by Sara Kempner | $141.95; available via B&H

The BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness is perfect for the event, sport or wedding photographer on your list. It allows two cameras to be quickly accessible, while being held safely and comfortably off of each shoulder. It’s breathable mesh pads allow for air circulation on hot days, and lasting comfort for long shoots. 

Datacolor SpyderCHECKR Color Chart and Calibration Tool for Digital Cameras

Recommended by Rich Harrington | Read review | $139; available via B&H

Pros have known about these for years. Stop guessing when it comes to color and exposure. Just put one of these into your first shot or have your subject hold it. You can now create a perfect color profile for spot on color and exposure.

Elgato Stream Deck

Recommended by Rich Harrington | $149.99; available via B&H

Do you find yourself hoisting online meetings or even streaming content? This useful tool gives you a handy keypad you can totally customize. But its way more than that … you can assign macros and shortcuts for all sorts of apps — even Photoshop. The mini keys are actually LEDs and you can do some amazing things with this to speed up any application.

Manfrotto FAST GimBoom

Recommended by Brett Day | Read review | $189.99; available via B&H

There are plenty of places to get a solid grip on the Manfrotto GimBoom.

The perfect tool for creators who don’t want t mess about with expensive drones to get arial footage, the GimBoom allows you to raise your camera up high to get drone-like footage with ease. It offers a solid, stable platform, and the easy twist lock system allows you get the GimBoom ready to go in seconds. It can work worth any gimbal too.

Neewer FW568 5.5-Inch Camera Field Monitor 

Recommended by Julie Powell | $167.99; available via Amazon

I find my viewfinder a little small and in some case hard to see, so I bought myself a HD field monitor to make things a little easier. It’s backlit, so even outside I can see my shot. While it’s not always perfect for every scenario, it’s terrific in the studio, especially when my camera is on a tripod.

Platypod Max Camera Support

Recommended by Rich Harrington | Read review | $115; available via B&H

Ever found yourself wanting to ditch a tripod for the weight? Or perhaps you aren’t allowed to use the tripod due to restrictions. The Platypod Max is an amazing device that attaches to your ballhead and gives you a totally stable platform to shoot from. I have one in every camera bag … I won’t go to the field without it.

WANDRD PRVKE Lite 11L Backpack

Recommended by Sara Kempner | Read review | $219; available via B&H

This 11L, waterproof backpack is the perfect day or commuter pack for the photographer on your list. With a built in camera cube, quick-draw side access, and plenty of pockets, this little pack offers plenty of storage and function. As a bonus, you’re supporting a small, family run business when you buy this backpack.