We have a brand new book coming out soon (it’s out)… and it’s ALL about Lightroom. The Develop Great Images in Lightroom book features techniques from Nicole S. Young, Levi Sim, Rob Sylvan, Rich Harrington, and Gerard Murphy.

It clocks in at more than 200 pages and includes a few bonus videos too. The book’s list price is $19.99… but for one month it will be free (thanks to the great folks at Mosaic Archive). We’ll have more details soon.

The book is sitting at Apple waiting for approval… but we’ll let you know as soon as its released.


In the meantime… you can pick up (until July 4, 2014) these books..
72 Essays on Photography
Scott Bourne
.99 Normally $4.99
The Basic Beginners Guide to Photography Light & Exposure
Free Normally $4.99
Secrets of HDR: Shooting Realistic Photographs
Free Normally $4.99
This is a limited time special…. Tell all your friends. You will need a Mac running Mavericks or an iPad to view the iBooks.