Today, Manfrotto has announced two new lines of camera bags that have been meticulously designed with a wide variety of creators in mind. The Manfrotto PRO Light and Manfrotto Street bags will aim to offer versatility and performance at affordable price points.

According to Manfrotto, the PRO Light collection was designed to cater to the high demands of professional creators. The Street series will appeal to those who like to travel light while having a lot of versatility.

The Pro Light collection offers four sleek, protective and professional-grade backpacks that cover a variety of professional needs. Each bag is designed to fit specific creator workflows. Also featured is an all-new protection system in the form of a high-performance modular divider that improves customizability and cushioning. The M-Guard Protection System provides the highest level of protection and shock resistance

Manfrotto PRO Light Backloader

The PRO Light Backloader S and Backloader M come with safe rear access into a fully padded camera compartment. This compartment features a customizable interior. A second top access point serves as an alternative for reaching into the most used cameras or lenses. In front is a multi-section compartment that’s great for small accessories and personal items. There’s also a checkpoint-friendly laptop section that holds a 15-inch laptop.

The Backloader bags also feature a double-sided tripod connection. It’s perfect for travel-sized tripods. There’s also an adjustable chest strap for better carrying and a DuoFace sun and rain cover that repels moisture and reflects sunlight. The small Manfrotto Backloader will cost $179.99 and the medium will cost $199.99.

PRO Light Frontloader


The PRO Light Frontloader backpack offers a fully padded gear compartment. The interior is customizable interiors and can be accessed through a front access door. A secondary side door offers quick access to your most-used gear. A unique locking mechanism makes it easy to secure the bag while traveling. The Frontloader can house a full-frame camera with an attached 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and more.

There’s a service pocket on the interior panel for crucial small accessories. The Manfrotto Frontloader features a side tripod attachment, a checkpoint-friendly 15-inch laptop compartment, and adjustable chest and waist straps. You’ll also get the DuoFace sun and rain cover for moisture and heat protection. The Manfrotto Frontloader will have a retail price of $219.99.

PRO Light Flexloader


The Manfrotto PRO Light Flexloader L is a backpack that expands to cater to your needs. The Flexloader was created for professional DSLR or mirrorless photo and video gear. It features full front access to a fully padded gear compartment with customizable interiors.

There’s a front pocket for small accessories. Multiple attachment points for tripods and sliders with extensions and an included accessory organizer pouch. Like the other bags, you’ll find the DuoFace sun and rain cover for moisture and heat protection.

The rear pocket of the Flexloader is an expandable compartment that can house CSC/VDSLR 3-axis stabilizer gimbals and other accessories. This compartment is entirely separated from the main camera compartment and provides extra space without compromising the main compartment’s capacity. The Manfrotto Flexloader will have a retail price of $329.99.

Manfrotto PRO Light MultiLoader


The PRO Light MultiLoader M backpack offers four points off access for the ultimate carrying flexibility. The main front access door opens into a fully padded camera gear compartment. Two side doors allow for quick access to strategically placed cameras or lenses. The top access panel allows for a quick grab of your most used gear. The MultiLoader backpack offers an entirely modular system that has three different carrying configurations.

Using different combinations of harnesses and straps will allow the Multiloader to be used as a backpack, a sling, or as a duffle bag. The Flexloader also offers a side attachment that can carry a full-sized tripod (up to the Manfrotto 055 series).

The front attachment will carry monopods or small light stands. The bag also features a checkpoint-friendly 15-inch laptop compartment, adjustable torso height, double chest straps, and a padded waist belt for load distribution. Also included is a DuoFace sun and rain cover for moisture and heat protection. The Manfrotto MultiLoader will have a retail price of $279.99.

Pro Light Tough

The Manfrotto PRO Light Tough roller cases offer the highest level of protection for even the most delicate gear. The PRO Light TL55 and TH55 will beat the most common airline carry-on luggage restrictions. You’ll have to check the PL-RL-TH83 in. These cases offer an airtight compartment with pull release latches. There’s an easy-to-open release telescopic handle, and padlock compatible points for optimum security.

These Tough cases are like no other because of the modular optional accessories. The Tough accessories like the tripod and laptop bags add extra capacity. The special harness system allows the user to carry Tough cases like a backpack.

The fully protective interior comes with either Manfrotto CPS dividers with shock-absorbing foam or new multiple layers with pre-cubed foam. The Pro Light Tough cases for IP67 dust and moisture standards. Optimal impact resistance and shock absorption will protect your gear. The cases can also survive the extremes of both hot and cold temperatures.

The Reloader Tough H-55FOAM Roller has a price of $279.99. The Reloader Tough H-83 PL Roller costs $319.99, while the Reloader Tough Harness System is $89.99, the Reloader Tough Laptop Sleeve is $69.99 and the Reloader Tough Tripod Bag will cost $59.99.

Manfrotto Street Series

The iconic Manfrotto Street camera bag series has been refreshed to give 100% convertible bags that shift from a full photography gear-centric configuration to a lifestyle bag in an instant. Its contemporary urban design perfectly goes with the demands of a dynamic daily life. The Street collection caters to users with mirrorless cameras and related modern imaging accessories that aid in digital storytelling and creation on the go.

The Street backpack now comes in a slim form with interchangeable front or back openings. Still, removable inserts convert it into a 100% everyday lifestyle bag. The Slim Backpack is now accompanied by a convertible Street tote, which is a modular and trendy lifestyle bag that instantly turns into a backpack.

The Street Convertible Tote bag has a top opening compartment for personal items and a rear opening compartment for compact camera gear. The expanded Street line features a Street Waist bag. You can easily carry it in a variety of ways. It’s compact, still, it holds compact cameras and accessories.

The Street Tech Organizer is a handy compartment for small and medium-sized tech accessories such as cables, batteries, portable lighting and small audio accessories. Topping off the collection is the Street Crossbody pouch. A compact compartment for smartphones and small accessories.

If you’d like more information about the Manfrotto camera bags listed above, you can head over to the Manfrotto website.