Today, the National Audubon Society announced the winning photographs and videos of its 2021 Audubon Photography Awards. In its 12th year, more than 2,416 entrants were received from all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and 10 Canadian provinces and territories. Eight prizes were awarded across five divisions.

This year’s awards include the new Female Bird Prize and Video Prize. The Female Bird prize was introduced to draw attention to female birds, which are often overlooked and underappreciated in both photography and conservation. The new Video category aims to illustrate the unique and fascinating ways that birds behave and interact with their environments.

Winning photos and videos will be featured in the summer 2021 issue of Audubon magazine. Top photos and honorable mentions will also be showcased in a virtual Audubon Photography Awards exhibit.

Audubon notes that two-thirds of North American birds are threatened by extinction from climate change, including species features in the Top 100 collections.

The winners

Grand Prize: “Greater Roadrunner”
Photo: Carolina Fraser/Audubon Photography Awards/2021 Grand Prize
Professional Award Winner: “Northern Cardinal”
Photo: Steve Jessmore/Audubon Photography Awards/2021 Professional Award Winner
Amateur Award Winner: “Sandhill Crane”
Photo: Robin Ulery/Audubon Photography Awards/2021 Amateur Award Winner
Youth Award Winner: “Purple Sandpiper”
Photo: Arav Karighattam/Audubon Photography Awards/2021 Youth Award Winner

Full list of winners

  • Grand Prize: “Greater Roadrunner,” by Carolina Fraser
  • Professional Award Winner: “Northern Cardinal,” by Steve Jessmore
  • Amateur Award Winner: “Sandhill Crane,” by Robin Ulery
  • Youth Award Winner: “Purple Sandpiper,” by Arav Karighattam
  • Plants for Birds Awards Winner: “Red-winged Blackbird and lily pad,” by Shirley Donald
  • Video Award Winner: “Red-tailed Hawk,” by Bill Bryant
  • Female Bird Prize: “Northern Harrier,” by Elizabeth Yicheng Shen
  • Fisher Prize: “Anna’s Hummingbird,” by Patrick Coughlin

Honorable mentions

  • Professional Honorable Mention: “Red-tailed Hawk,” by Steve Jessmore
  • Amateur Honorable Mention: “Peregrine Falcon,” by Tom Ingram
  • Youth Honorable Mention: “Canada Goose,” by Josiah Launstein
  • Plants for Birds Honorable Mention: “Anna’s Hummingbird and cattail,” by Karen Boyer Guyton
  • Video Honorable Mention: “Great Gray Owl,” by Brent Cizek