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Bird Photography

Bringing in light for hummingbird photography
How do you overcome noise in your nature photography?
National Audubon Society announces 2021 photography award winners
How to fix a blurry bird photo
Capturing more striking bird photographs
Photography from a kayak: How watercraft can help you capture better wildlife photos
Use a professional photography head to improve your bird photography
Wade Right In: A Nature Photographer’s Guide to Wading to Get the Best Shot
Interview with Clay Taylor | Birding to Bird Photography

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How to fix a blurry bird photo

I enjoy nature photography, but sadly I am not really a nature photographer. More of a hobbyist. I don’t really have the right gear for real nature photography and only got my first big zoom (300mm) last year. I do

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bird photography in the early moning fog

Capturing more striking bird photographs

Bird photography or photographing birds can be quite challenging. Why you ask? Birds are everywhere. It’s a piece of cake to make bird images. Well, yes and no. It’s easy to acquire a photo of the avian species. It’s quite

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