That’s right…March 31st is World Backup Day! The stories and memories we capture through images are priceless, but they may not last forever without a solid backup plan. On World Backup Day, make sure that you’re precious files are backed up safe and sound.

What should I Check

  • Make sure your backup drives are all booting up and spinning
  • Check that there is enough space to continue backing up, or look into getting a larger hard drive
  • If your system has an automated backup, check and make sure it’s completing it’s backup without errors
  • Look through some of the files and maybe do a little spring cleaning

I just got back from multiple weeks on the road and the first thing I’m doing is backing up nearly 8TB of data to my Drobo. It doesn’t matter what software or hardware you use (I have a mix of Drobo, Synology, G-Tech, Western Digital, and Segate drives), as long as you have multiple copies of your data, in multiple places.


If you don’t have a backup system, we’ve got a bunch of articles about building a backup system and maintaining it, which you can find here. This is what my main backup system looks like.

I’ll leave you with this video, brought to you by