Earlier today, DNP announced the new IDW520 Passport and ID Photo Solution. This new system offers the ability to produce passport and ID photos that comply with federal regulations, adding an easy, highly profitable service.

The IDW520 contains DNP’s smallest and lightest passport printer, weighing just 13 pounds. It produces the same high-quality dye-sublimation images that DNP photo printers have become known for.

Customers have everything they need right out of the box — a Panasonic FZ80 camera, FlashAir card, touchscreen monitor and the ID photo printer. It simplifies the ID photo process, from taking the photo to making adjustments that fit federal regulations, before printing the image.

“Offering ID photo printing is one of the most profitable services that a retail store or photo business can offer,” says Shinichi Yamashita, President of DNP IAM. “One of the hardest parts about offering passport and ID photo services is ensuring your customers walk away with a photo that meets all of the requirements. With the new IDW520, businesses have everything they need to deploy a new ID photo printing service right away, including the software that helps make adjustments to photos based on these regulations.”

The IDW520 is capable of producing IDs for 17 different countries, including specialty ID templates. The software also creates a gallery of the past six photos taken, making for easy reprints or template changes without the need to take a new photo.

For more information, visit dnpphoto.com.