3D Printing is a relatively new industry that makes it possibly to print physical copies of objects. Adobe recently announced that Photoshop CC has radically simplifying the 3D print process for creatives.

Need a perfect prop for your shoot… no problem. Need to make a prototype to show your client… you got it. With this new release, it is no longer difficult to create and print a beautiful, physical object. As part of a major update to Adobe Creative Cloud, the new 3D printing capabilities available in Photoshop CC enable Creative Cloud members to easily and reliably build, refine, preview, prepare and print 3D designs. All you have to do is click Print.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 8.24.41 AM

Don’t own a 3D printer (they are somewhat pricey still) not to worry. Adobe has set up an integrated relationship with local printers or larger companies like Shapeways.com to automatically have your prints sent to their 3D printers.

This means you can turn your design into ceramics, metals, and full color sandstone. This opens up several new options of creativity and the ability to create custom objects for your shoots.



Even though you might just be utilizing Adobe CC for your photography, it’s still interesting to know the capabilities that this program has. If you want to step out of the box with your creativity, give 3D printing a try. You might just be thoroughly amazed.

To see more information on the Adobe update, click here.