Arizona PPA hosted its convention in the beginning of February. I was attending and my friend Tim Meyer was speaking, so I thought I’d grab a shot of him in action. The lighting situation was as tough as it gets. There was no light on the speaker and the screens were screaming with brightness.

Olympus had recently sent me some gear to try out. I’m using the OM-D E-M1X. This test was made with the M.Zukio 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro lens.

I played with HDR for a bit to try taming the contrast with no luck, as my subject was moving.

SOOC image with ugly dynamic range

I ended up with a single image. The original straight out of camera is above. After reviewing on the LCD, I thought there was no way to make this capture work.

Post processing

Adobe Camera RAW settings

I decided to see what information could be recovered. Opening the file in Adobe Camera RAW I applied corrections, including bumping up the exposure and shadows quite a bit. My gut instinct was that pulling that much detail from the shadows would render the file so noisy as to be unusable. Wrong I was.

Complete image after post-production

Here’s the finished image. I’ll let you decide.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob