Do you have Plotaverse on your PC? Do you know there is also a Plotaverse mobile app available, too?

Access photos from your phone or cloud and play on the run. It has similar controls for animation and masking and, of course, the super cool FX panel. So you can really have some fun adding cool animations to you images on your phone or tablet.

It is a little limited is some of its capacity, and I felt the animation section was a little harder to control than the desktop version, but the FX is still really cool and fun to play with.

Not sure what Plotaverse is?

It is a really fun app that allows you to add some animation to your photos. Makes grass sway, clouds float by, water to move and stuff like that. You can also add some fantastic animations on top of you images too — Plotaverse comes with a huge library of FX already preloaded.

It instantly turns your images into MP4 mini videos. Think Harry Potter-style moving photos!

Add some zing to your social media

Once exported you can really add some serious zing to your social media presence. You can add animated content to your stories or your feed. In Galleries (on Android), go to the downloads folder and share your Plotagraphs from there. It’s not just for cheesy stuff either (although THAT’s a LOT of fun). Want to make some cool commercial-style production promotions? From real estate to food to travel, there are a lot of uses for these animated images.

Check it out today on iOS and Android! Already have the mobile version? Be sure to check it out for desktop, too, where you can save $20!