This one is fun to try, especially if you are a coffee lover. Once you’ve got your photos, you can sit back and enjoy a delicious iced coffee while you edit!


  • Camera and lens
  • Tripod
  • Remote trigger
  • Glass
  • Ice cubes
  • Espresso coffee
  • Fresh milk
  • Vessels or jugs for pouring (optional)

The setup

I popped my camera on a tripod and set the scene. On a table, next to a window with natural side light, I put a timber board and a vinyl tile as my backdrop.

I had my coffee beans ready, so I set up my glass. I had a glass of ice, an espresso shot and fresh milk ready, too. I made sure my camera was set up and ready to shoot on burst mode, with my focus point on the glass.

Capturing the action

With everything set up ready to go, I first poured the coffee beans around my glass. Then the ice, then the coffee and finally the milk. All of the photos were captured on burst mode with my Sony a7R III at ISO 125, 75mm, f/4 and 1/60s.

All I had to do then was double-check, upload and edit them. By using burst mode I was able to create a mini stop-animation. If I had to reshoot, well then I had another iced coffee. This really was a case of one-shot wonder, making sure everything was right before I started pouring.

Don’t you just adore those delicious swirls of coffee as it mixes with the milk? If you are looking for some afternoon fun with a yummy treat to cool you down, why not try your hand at photographing iced coffee?